Terms & Conditions


  • Once an enquiry has been received, a review of the project and the information available is undertaken

  • A completion date and price is given, agreed and confirmed

  • A First Draft is Completed

  • Upon completion of the First Draft, the Client will be advised and a content review will take place

  • Publications will be evaluated for accuracy and detail and amended as necessary

  • A final Draft is produced

  • Presentation Media Formats agreed

  • An invoice for the full amount is issued

  • A review period of ten days after First Draft Review can be taken

  • Once payment has been cleared Final Drafts are issued

  • On larger or long-term projects, interim payments will be agreed beforehand


All Publications either Draft or Final Issue belong to The ManualWriter until they are paid for in full. The ManualWriter reserves the right to recall publications in the event of non-payment 



30 days amendment period

Amendments and additions to publications are included in the agreed price and amendments additions and alterations can be made during that period. This period can be used for the addition of As Fitted Drawings, Test Certifications and late modifications as these are often not available until after hand over date.

After 30 days the project is considered complete and addition work will be subjected to an agreed fee.

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